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Good Breeding is Where Excellence Begins
  • Producing only field bred litters.
  • Breeder of more than 40 titled and multi-titled Champions
  • The AKC's First Breeder of Merit for the Boykin Spaniel Breed
  • Boykin Spaniel to ever win Best In Show at al All Breed Show
  • Breeder/Owner of the ONLY " Breeder/Co-Owner of the ONLY Boykin Spaniel to be titled in five different venues, including hunting

As a responsible quality breeder of Boykin Spaniels, I receive many e-mail inquires about pups and Boykin Spaniels in general.....and while I while I do read all of them ... I am seldom able to answer each one on a personal level... so I produced this simple generic letter concerning pups which I hope will answer some of your questions about me and my current or upcoming litters.

First, let me thank you for your interest in Hollow Creek puppies. The waiting list is currently "open". If you have done your research, you know that the Hollow Creek bloodline is most exceptional and my pups are from true hunting stock and not show stock. While most have received bench titles, they were hunted first for year's prior. I wanted to prove to people that Boykin's were so versatile that they could succeed in just about any type of competition ..... and still be absolutely beautiful.

My soapbox about show breeders and "mini mills": Sadly, most '"show breeders" have what I call "disposable" dogs which are bred often...are never actually hunted (but are thus represented as if they are online on web sites) and they are bred just with the breeders eye only focused to "showing" appeal. Then these "disposable" dogs are sold like property and new ones "grown" out to continue the cycle. You can tell who does this by the ever changing names of the dogs on their web sites.

Mini Mills: these people use this precious breed as cash cows. They generally breed and sell at least one other breed of dog. I call it "mini-milling." Their poor dogs are constantly bred....some of these people will produce 10-20 litters of Boykin pups a year. No matter when you call them, they have pups they are desperately trying to find homes for. They do very little, if any, health screening. Cash cows! Then they sell the poor female to someone who might continue to breed them until they die. The lucky ones might end up in foster care.

So please do not financially support such breeders by purchasing their pups which usually cost close to what my pups cost.... and thus..... continuing the cycle of disposal dogs which are bred to death.

I DO NOT require that pups be placed in a hunting home. Boykin Spaniels are versatile all-purpose companions. They have much to offer as a family member regardless of whether or not they are hunted. My fee is $2000.000 for male or female. Established bloodline quality is important even for "just a pet" you should want a healthy and intelligent pet for a family member. So do not "budget" if you desire to purchase a well bred Boykin Spaniel ....for there are many health issues and far too many irresponsible/dishonest/backyard/puppy mill breeders of Boykin Spaniels. Cheaper ... and "easier to obtain" today..... will be costly later.... both emotionally and financially. If budget is an issue, I urge you to look for another breed as you get what you pay for in a Boykin Spaniel.

I DO NOT require a spay/neuter contract: however, I do CO-own all my pups (AKC & UKC registries) & use Limited Registration with the BSS only to protect my pups/bloodline from being over-bred or re-sold to other breeders. I never recommend spaying/neutering as it is a severe method of birth control and insures NOTHING else health wise. IF you choose to allow these procedures on your beloved companion for assured birth control .... then... at the very least... do not have it done until the age of two.... because..... just like us..... they NEED their hormones :-))

You will have to call and speak with me personally if you want to discuss getting on my puppy waiting list. If you desire to get on the "waiting list", there is a Non-refundable reservation fee of $200.00. You are not confirmed to be "on the list" until that fee is received. That fee is later applied to your $600.00 deposit which is due right after the pup is whelped. The remaining balance is due at the time of pick up. I generally close "waiting lists" after I have 8-10 confirmed reservations. Please try to call between 6 PM - 8 PM. If I am not available.... Please leave a message .... However, it may take me a couple of days to get back to you for it just might be hunting season!

Hollow Creek's Gus was chosen to represent the Boykin Spaniel breed in the 2008 Howell Book Of Dogs. This was the first time they recognized the Boykin Spaniel breed. It is an honor that they chose my bloodline to feature as the representative of the breed...but, their character description of the breed was, in my opinion, incorrect.

The Boykin Spaniel was introduced to Westminster for the first time in February 2011. Sixteen Boykin's were eligible. Most carried the Hollow Creek name and/or bloodline. I am proudly, the American Kennel Clubs First Breeder of Merit for the Boykin Spaniel Breed. The culmination of over 30 years of responsible breeding.

I am also the breeder of 40 plus champions....including, the first two Boykin Spaniels to be Master titled by the AKC in their Spaniel Hunt Test and AKC's first Boykin Spaniel to win Best of Breed, the only Boykin to ever win Best In Show in an All Breed Show, the ONLY Boykin to have earned titles in five different venues....including hunting. Hollow Creek Kennel has a solid and long history of breeding the best with the produce the best .....and well earned recognition for being a strong and very verbal advocate for the breed for over 30 years.

Now.......Why would anyone even consider purchasing THE SOUTH CAROLINA state dog....anywhere BUT in South Carolina? Just sayin'

Happy Hunting,
Patricia L. Watts, RN
803.532.0990 (6pm-8pm)

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